Monday, June 16, 2008

Gemstone, Smalltalk & Ruby

Interesting blog from Avi Bryant about Gemstone, Smalltalk and Ruby (Project MagLev).

For sure, dynamic languages are the best solution for persistence. It seems Smalltalk still rocks. Interesting to see that Ruby-Smalltalk coexistence in the same JVM. I really would like to see something like that on Groovy.

See also the related InfoQ article, with links to DabbleDB (yet another online database on the Web) and Seaside project (Web application framework in Smalltalk).

Interview of Avi Bryant about Maglev.

Video from the conf at QCon 2008 London.

Inteview of Bob Walker about Maglev.

Movie of a Dabble DB demo. (with some nice features like input and filters using some smart date filters, and dynamic schema evolution).

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