Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Entity Framework v2 transparent design

They will tell you what they are thinking about and you can even give your feedback ==> http://blogs.msdn.com/efdesign/default.aspx

Some ideas for V2:

  • Persistence Ignorance : We are looking at ways to introduce a full POCO solution for state management and interaction with the ObjectContext.

  • N-Tier Support : Today we support Data Contract serialization of entities or exposing entities via Astoria, in V2 we would like to expand to a DataSet like experience where one can remote graphs and changes to the graphs across the wire using standard WCF services.

  • Code-First : We want to enable a convention based, code only experience with EF wherein one may start with classes and opt-in to database generation and deployment. We expect that we would provide attributes and external mapping capabilities for people who wanted something beyond the convention based mapping.

  • TDD Scenarios: With the introduction of POCO classes some of the TDD scenarios get a lot easier, and we are looking at incorporating some other asks to better fill out the scenario, such as making our ObjectQuery<T> and other generated members of our context and classes virtual.

  • FK's : Today we support bi-directional relationships, and we are looking at introducing model concepts to facilitate the definition of FK like experiences in the model or in one's POCO classes.

  • Lazy Loading: Today we support explicit lazy loading (calling .Load), and we are looking at various options around LoadOptions as well as outright implicit lazy loading.

  • Query Tree Re-Writing: This allows framework developers to contextualy, vertically and horizontally filter query results.

  • ...

See also Danny Simmon's blog, ADO.Net blog and the advisory council.

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