Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Data Management for SOA

Seen on EDS blogs: Data Management for SOA.

They wrote somewhere: '... Jill Dyche asserts that "SOA Starts with Data". She advocates creating data services-creating data hubs as services that manage and provide access to master data. Starting with data services has an appeal to IT organizations that feel the need to adopt SOA ...'

This sounds like music to my ears.

I also like the conclusion: "Data management for SOA should be approached as requiring an enterprise logical data model, mechanisms for federation and sharing of data among relatively autonomous service units, and a data management plan that defines responsibilities, flows, master data stores, latency of updates, synchronization strategies and accountability for data integrity and protection. This plan must align with the organizational responsibilities of service units and their data needs, and it must ultimately support an integrated representation of the state of the enterprise-history, current state and future plans."

See also Jean-Jacques Dubray's reaction on InfoQ: Enterprise Data Management, the 3rd face of the SOA/BPM coin?

Enterprise Data Management on Wikipedia.

The Enterprise Data Management Council Web site.

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