Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Oracle bought BEA today

What will be the impact on the SDO / DAS specifications and Data Access in SOA in general? See here for details.

Sun also announced they bought MySQL. Same questions. This one is a little bit more difficult to understand. It seems to me be it will take a very long time to make this investment profitable. See a possible positive explanation here, and the point of view of Rod Johnson. At a first glance this is a good news for the open source model, but at the end what will be the impact on RedHat? GlassFish + MySQL could be a killer. Same question about the relationship between Sun and Oracle. Could GlassFish + MySQL be a valid low cost alternative to WebLogic + Oracle?

Maybe J. Schwarz had the good vision with his open source strategy and Solaris + Java + GlassFish + NetBeans + MYSQL might become the best open source stack?

Then, what will be the next acquisitions? SAG? SAP? RedHat?

At the end, maybe we'll have only ORCL, IBM and MSFT remaining in the software industry. Is it still possible to be a pure player in this industry? Who will lead innovation in the future? Is that consolidation a side-effect of the open source pressure?

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