Thursday, January 3, 2008

Data Services Ecology (2)

IMHO Data Services are key to MDA, because they ley developers focus on their business model.

This remark leads me to 2 important related technologies for Data Services:

  • Automatic User Interface

    • See what NakedObjects ( is doing, and how they progressively integrate Data Access frameworks (OK, I agree: essentially Hibernate until now).

    • See the XML UI description approach and mostly XAML

    • Navilis is a component we had in XIC since the beginning, and there are both Swing and JSP versions of it:

      • It creates an automatic UI from the persistent business model.

      • You can CRUD the model.

      • You can even run business methods and perform relatively complex queries.

  • Dynamic Languages

    • Groovy and JRuby will be become even more important in 2008

    • See how Groovy now has, GORM an integration with a Data Access layer (OK, I agree again: still limited to Hibernate).

      • Unfortunately this one is tightly coupled with Grails. I have no problem with Grails by itself, but I would certainly prefer to have GORM usable outside Grails and I would also prefer to have it relying on a standard like JPA2 or JDO2.

    • Integration of Groovy with Data Services seems key to me

      • I really would like to setup a prototype of a SDO/DAS Groovy interface in 2008.

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