Monday, April 28, 2008

JPOX becomes DataNucleus

They will now add support for new kind of data sources like LDPA, XML and Excel files on top of already supported RDBMS and db4o.

But what is much more important is they are moving towards a Platform.

They are clearly going in the right direction, like Toplink or XIC. It is very exciting to see the market is going where Xcalia (now DataDirect) has investigated since its inception. Having a data access platform is important because:

  • it can offer services to various environments (Java, .Net, Unix, etc.)

  • it can support vairous programming styles (traditional programming like Java, C#, BPM like BPEL, workflows, etc.)

  • mappings, transformations and metadata can be shared between applications

  • several standards (APIs, QLs, etc.) can be supported simultaneously

  • administration and tuning is simplified

  • the platform can progressively offer services which where historically only available in databases, like security, fault tolerance, replication, etc.

  • it is the best vehicle for data virtualization

NB: their new tagline is "Information at your Service", which is not too far from our Xcalia's "Service your Data". Seems to me that the "service" part is actually still missing in their story, making a huge difference with the commercial solution from Xcalia.

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