Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Google's App Engine

Google has just released, App Engine, yet another framework / environment for development and deployment (hosting) of Web applications. It seems it is targeting Amazon's EC2+SimpleDB offer. See reactions here on TSS and here on InfoQ.

This REST-based web app framework is built upon Python and claims to be designed for easy (transparent) scalability. Like Amazon's solution, the system comes with an integrated non-relational database with APIs (BigTable) and YAQL (GQL) to access it.

All this being highly proprietary.

App engine also includes the django framework with its ORM layer, which might not be helpful in that case... because the database is not relational.

Developers can freely try the technology preview (at least the first 10,000 beta-testers).

Now let's have a look at the data access layer (inspired from django according to documentation): Google Doc on Data Access. To be honest, I'm far from being impressed. I hope the automatic scalability feature is here, otherwise I don't really see the point. Is it supposed to be simpler and readable because based on Python?

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