Thursday, May 14, 2009

JDO's not dead?

Seen on Matthew Adams' blog:

I cannot agree more. Interesting to see how this things will evolve.
I've even seen one Oracle document mentioning their JDO implementation, coming from the acquisition of BEA (who acquired SolarMetric a while ago). They simply said you can choose between JPA and JDO. See Oracle's document titled Oracle WebLogic Server: a solid foundation for SOA, June 2008, page 9. When we see how they fought against JDO around 2003, that's a huge move.

In an ideal world, JPA should have just been the ORM part of JDO. Maybe the JDO expert group should have relaxed some of the technical constraints so that Hibernate and TopLink could have found it suitable (mostly byte-code enhancement, binary compatibility plus few other minor things). After discussions with Oracle and Hibernate the JDO expert group was willing to do it, but in the meantime both Oracle and Hibernate convinced Sun to start JPA as part of EJB3.

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