Monday, November 10, 2008

Business Objects Data Services

I've recently read several white papers about the new Data Services offer from Business Objects.

Seems to me, it is basically a renaming of their former ETL and Data Quality products.

It is not fundamentally surprizing to see ETL vendors moving to Data Services, as EII vendors did before them.
Let’s say that globally an ETL is a tool to move data from DB1 to DB2, or more exactly extract data from DB1, transform data somewhere (huge debate here) and then load data into DB2.
Now, let’s suppose you replace the third step by “publishing data”, you then have an "ETP" or even a Data Services Platform, if you publish resulting views as Web Services.

Well that's probably still targetting read-only, non real-time data integration, but at least it demonstrates that Data Services are gaining momemtum on the market.

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