Monday, February 18, 2008

GORM tutorial

A new tutorial about GORM (Groovy ORM), seen on IBM's developerWorks.

I'm repeating myself (see my previous posts) but I really think ORM should be available at the Groovy level not only at the Grails one. It would also have been much more interesting to interface with JPA instead of Hibernate.

I'm a little bit doubtful about the mapping constrainst stuff. Even if I like Groovy and NakedObjects, I'm not sure that cluttering the source code of business classes is something you really want on real large projects. Some will argue that having everything into the code (annotations...) is more readable. This can work on trivial demos using topdown approach, with simple mapping options and a single RDBMS as the data source. It won't work on a more complex project because classes will quickly become unreadable. Having everything in a single file is only convenient when everything is designed and managed by a single developer. When there are specialized roles within the development teams, one will focus on the business logic, another one on the mapping and so on. And data access rules can be stored and retrieved for a repository.

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